Hi, It’s Nice to Meet You – P.S. I’m an Introvert

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Hi. I’m Erika.

I’m a writer by trade, a slow traveler at heart, and 100% text-book introvert.

I’m reintroducing myself on this nearly three-year-old blog because life is organic and ever-changing. (like FYI, chocolate milk is my new thang but just last month milk made me puke) Plus, it’s been months since my last post. I think a little backstory is in order for any of you who might be curious or interested. Or nosy.


That is me. I’m walking amongst the Great Sand Dunes.


For work, I usually churn up articles for the privileged traveler. (is there any other kind?) Meanwhile, my fictional narratives have taken the backseat due to their lack of income production. (because, I mean, a girl’s gotta buy her mini beagle toys and snacks and stuff and still travel the world somehow– amiright?)  I have unfinished pieces older than this blog. Ideas that have never made it out of the woodwork because for the longest time I was convinced I lost my “talent.” (it’s possible because I graduated in 2015 and what you don’t use you lose, and let’s face it: informational articles require zero talent to write) Oh, and there’s that MFA I’ve been meaning to start too. Whoops! I guess I’m not very good at time management.

But please don’t define me by my profession. Or lack of discipline. (I’m really disciplined in other areas of my life like my marathon training, saving money, or eating carb-heavy breakfasts)

Instead, can I just make a suggestion?

Erika (EH-rih-kuhnoun): An introverted slow traveler who spends her time daydreaming of all the potentially wonderful fiction she has yet to write. She is engaged to a spectacular man. Together they enjoy adventuring around the globe, eating without counting calories, hiking, camping, rock-climbing, and being doggy parents to a mini Beagle called Haupia.

photo courtesy of Alyssa Morgan (alyssamorganphotography.com)

That’s a little better. I think.

In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy the small glimpse into my world. I intend to share thoughts related to slow travel, writing, and living as an introvert in a predominantly extroverted world. Believe me, it’s tough! I kept my old posts on here. They are more of a reminder for myself that I lost my good intentions and found myself straying from an otherwise very good path. But here we are now.

Welcome to my blog!

P.S. I’d really like to mean what I say when I say “it’s nice to meet you.” So drop a comment, like, or follow me on social media and, let’s connect.







  • Pooja Shekhar Varde

    Wow! It is nice to meet you Erika! 😊 I am also an Introvert and know how that can be difficult sometimes. I can also totally relate to your ‘chocolate milk’ thing as I also tend to have like something yesterday only to not like it after a few days. 😅
    – Pooja.

  • Erika, you’ve hooked me to your blog with this post! I’m also an introvert, but live for traveling and being immersed in culture. I feel like I could relate to you. I’m subscribing RIGHT. NOW. 😊

  • Ashish Yadav

    I’m an introvert too and it’s awesome 🙂 omnibusash.wordpress.com

Erika is a writer and content creator exploring the globe boldly and slowly one destination at a time. Her travels and rich upbringing as an Asian-American fuel many of her stories where she endeavors to write about the human condition. Although she might presently call NE Florida home, her heart remains listless for her home in Maui. She is an advocate for "experiences over possessions," a Marquez fan, and a self-proclaimed introvert.