Summer 2016 Xplore Box Giveaway

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It’s finally that time! Enter now to win this:

This idea has been simmering in the back of my mind long before I started this blog. It’s not yet nearly a year, but it’s pretty close. Actually, it’s been on the back burner since last August while I was in Peru. I don’t know how, but sometime between scouring for last minute Salkantay gear and perusing Alpaca blankets for my living room, I wondered if any of my friends or followers would appreciate a personally curated package of Peruvian goodies. My answer at the time was, “Heck, yes!” So, I bought two of everything: knitted beanies, braided bracelets, boxed chocolates, cookies, and more. And since, I’ve endeavored to bring home a handful of memorabilia from all of my travels for the sole purpose of gifting them to one lucky winner. It came so close to fruition last summer. So close. Can you believe, I’d even packaged everything up ready to send in the mail? All I needed was a winner. But, alas, life happens. What can you do?

But none of that matters now. What does matter is that here it is, the very first Xplore Box Giveaway!

Summer 2016 Box Theme: Viva la Italia!


Viva la Italia Xplore Box Giveaway from Erika Xplores. // Travel Inspiration // Erika Xplores: Adventures of a Writer & Slow Traveler // Travel tips, travel narratives. Travel, hike, camp, explore. Wander curiously & Maunder On.

How to Win:

  1. Read the Official Rules.
  2. Complete and Submit the official electronic entry form.
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait for the winner to be announced on August 6, 2016.

That’s it. Good luck to all!

I encourage you to share this post any way you can. It would be greatly appreciated.



Erika is a writer and content creator exploring the globe boldly and slowly one destination at a time. Her travels and rich upbringing as an Asian-American fuel many of her stories where she endeavors to write about the human condition. Although she might presently call NE Florida home, her heart remains listless for her home in Maui. She is an advocate for "experiences over possessions," a Marquez fan, and a self-proclaimed introvert.

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