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Besides the usual research and planning, my pre-travel routine includes a variety of other rituals and practices. Here are three that make post-travel more tolerable.

Bella and Haupia on a pile of laundry // Erika Xplores: Adventures of a Writer & Slow Traveler // Travel tips, travel narratives. Wander curiously & Maunder On.
Bella and Haupia on a pile of laundry

Clean, Happy Space

I can’t think of a more gratifying sensation than to walk into a clean and comforting home after a long trip. The hardest part of any trip should be unpacking. This is the reason why I invest a good chunk of my pre-travel routine cleaning my personal space. I love the feeling of dropping my bags by the door—literally—and easing my jet-lag away by some much needed reclining on a clutter free couch.  This applies to several, if not all, areas in my house. But when time is limited, I focus my efforts on my living area and kitchen. Because the last thing I want to do is to extinguish my post-travel high with the burden of domestic chores. No thank you!

Fresh Laundry

In addition to a clean space, I also find it satisfying to come home to clean laundry. I admit, I probably have more clothes than I know what to do with (a collection amassed from my previous materialistic years), so when I’m usually home, laundry day comes very seldom. But a few days leading up to a departure, I make an effort to run a load or two or more. I like the satisfaction of a fresh, clean start.

Food For Thought

It’s amazing how quickly food in the fridge goes sour when I’m not home, yet that bag of carrots in the crisper seems to have the shelf life of dry pasta when I’m constantly around. As a result, I like to avoid coming home to rancid or wilted ingredients by giving away perishable items to friends and family. If no one is willing to take them, I can use the items to make a dish. Many homeless shelters accept prepared meal donations. And if that’s not an option, I can always store it in the freezer to eat when I come home!

Try making a pizza with perishable items before they go bad. // Erika Xplores: Adventures of a Writer & Slow Traveler // Travel tips, travel narratives. Wander curiously & Maunder On.
Making a pizza with perishable items is an easy and freezable alternative to rotten food!

I hope you find these helpful. What are some of your pre-travel practices? I’d love to hear about them!


Erika is a writer and content creator exploring the globe boldly and slowly one destination at a time. Her travels and rich upbringing as an Asian-American fuel many of her stories where she endeavors to write about the human condition. Although she might presently call NE Florida home, her heart remains listless for her home in Maui. She is an advocate for "experiences over possessions," a Marquez fan, and a self-proclaimed introvert.

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